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Welcome! I am a yoga teacher and Co-Founder of Journey Into.
I publish new video and audio classes each Sunday Evening so they are ready and waiting for you to begin your week!
As well as a weekly longer class, I also publish shorter practices for when you have less time and tutorials on specific poses.
I hail from Melbourne but live in London and came to yoga during my first pregnancy. My background is dance and my classes focus on creative and flowing sequences that are guided by your breath and your own self-awareness. Through mindful movement and safe and precise alignment cues. I teach classes that are sometimes strong and dynamic, sometimes restful and calm, perhaps working with injury or illness. Whatever your level and experience, my classes are open to everyone and are really just an opportunity to give yourself space and time and open your mind to new possibilities.
  • RYT 200 Hours
  • Yoga for Health YIHA (60 hours)
  • Teacher Immersion with Naomi Annand
    and Adam Hocke
  • Introduction to Yoga Therapy with Bryony Hughes
  • Essentials of Teaching with Adam Hocke

What's included in your subscription?

New classes every week
Each week I publish 2 x 30-60 minute audio and video sessions.
A Variety of different themes and lengths
Access to a large collection of Vinyasa Flow, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga and Strengthening Work
Live Stream Every Wednesday
Subscribe to receive 1 Zoom class every Wednesday morning at 9.30am.

What people say 

Maddy has changed my perception of yoga. Her 1-1 classes always leave me feeling more centred, unknotted and ultimately ready to face the week! 
Claire Broughton
Maddy has been teaching me for over a year now. I was new to yoga at the time, but Maddy's practice instantly felt natural and easy to follow while teaching me an entirely new way of understanding my body, wellness and self. She has a great eye for people's personal needs, adapts her practice to suit her clients, while providing variety that keeps things feeling fresh and interesting. I could not recommend her more for anyone new to yoga or trying to expand their practice.
Josef Hargreaves
I attend weekly group classes with Maddy and I have been amazed at how strong I have become in such a short space of time. This class means I schedule in 'me time' which is so important.
Caroline Clancy
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