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Your Soul & Surf Teachers


Rach is both a yoga teacher and a surf coach, who initially trained in Kerala and has a deep gratitude for everything India has taught her. Having originally taught with us out in Kerala and Sri Lanka, recently you can find her in the Algarve after falling in love with the Portuguese coastline.

With her background in both yoga and surf, Rach brings a unique perspective to her teaching which is inspired by both the physical and mental aspects of surfing and the ocean. By that, we mean a broad focus on surf-related muscle groups, as well as using mindfulness and pranayama to manage fears, mentally prepare and cultivate gratitude for the ocean.


Becca is a yoga teacher, Japanese Shiatsu practitioner and Massage therapist working with Soul & Surf in Portugal. Her teaching style incorporates traditional yoga flows with Acupressure techniques and deep Yin stretches to restore and protect the body’s holistic health.

She provides detailed and accessible instruction on how to get into shapes in a way that allows students to connect with the body as a whole. In her sessions she hopes to help you build physical strength, support the health of your organs, and find calm in the mind.


If you’ve practiced with Hayley before – whether on our rooftop in Kerala or our jungle shala in Sri Lanka, or maybe even one of our occasional city sessions in London – you’ll know that her classes are something pretty special.
Hayley teaches her own form of ‘Flow’ – sometimes it could be slow, sometimes a bit faster, always with the intention of finding ‘Nowness’ and weaving in the old yogic philosophies to help you reach mental and physical wellness.


Natalie is a yoga instructor with over 10 years experience teaching in yoga surf retreats across the globe. Trained in Quantum Yoga – dynamic vinyasa to balance the Ayurvedic doshas – she uses conscious breath work and movement to work with prana reflectively and create harmony in the individual body-mind system.

As a teacher she works with both ends of the yin/yang spectrum to create a range of classes aimed at restoring balance, nurturing awareness and experiencing more freedom in the body, mind and emotions.

What people say 

The magic of Soul & Surf can't be put into words.... My heart is always fuller being a part of the international soul family.
 Jen Nentwig
The yoga is brilliant - the ideal balance of challenge and restoration. Hayley knows exactly what is needed and if I could go to her classes every day I would
Bethan M
If paradise existed on Earth, then Soul & Surf would be the next best thing.