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Hello friends and community. Welcome. I have been teaching face to face for more than 13 years and began my journey of teaching online the week before lockdown for Covid-19 in March 2020. I have been enjoying sharing classes that I record lovingly every Sunday morning ever since. I also delight in leading regular “Flow and Restore” workshops, Chair Yoga classes and the BWY Foundation Course on Zoom. I am thrilled that you would like to join me on Journey Into. I post regular full length yoga classes, focussed on movement with breath with a little yoga philosophy weaved all the way through, to journey us towards the main goal of yoga – stillness, or peace, or bliss – who wouldn’t want to find that place, just for a while? I also post short practices, which range from 4 minute “pause your day” practices of breathing, pranayama, or meditation to longer “legs-up” relaxations, tutorials on sequences or even some mantra (I love a bit of chanting!).
  • 500 Hours YTT with BWY
  • Restorative Relax and Renew (R) 50 hours with Judith Hanson Lasater
  • Experiential Anatomy with Judith Hanson Lasater (ongoing)
  • Chair Yoga Training with Accessible Yoga

What's included in your subscription?

New classes every week
Each week I publish 2 x 30-60 minute audio and video sessions.
A Variety of different themes and lengths
On Demand access to a large collection of Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga, Chair Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation
Message Board
Let's keep in touch through the comments board. I love hearing feedback and getting requests for what I should record next!

What people say 

Tracy is the most wonderful yoga teacher! She has such dedication and ability to make her students feel calm in both body and mind
…smart move Journey Into! Tracy is the most fantastic yoga teacher… I attend her chair yoga classes [..] she delivers for MS-UK... Tracy has reminded us just how beneficial yoga can be for our minds, bodies and souls. Win win!
Tracy is a beautiful yoga teacher who teaches yoga in a way that touches all parts of you, mind, body and soul. I was blessed to find her classes over 10 years ago and although I’ve practiced with other teachers and styles in that time, none feel like Tracy’s classes feel…like coming home.
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