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My style of teaching is intuitive, nourishing, creative and fluid. Yoga is a living, breathing, full bodied practice for me; it shows up in who I am as a partner, a daughter, a friend, a sister, a human. The practice shapes how I experience this wild life and it is from a place of deep reverence that I am a facilitator. I practice daily. 

My training is rich, in-depth and spans across a number of wonderful disciplines; Hatha, Vinyasa, Somatics, Pilates and Restorative practices. I have trained in India, Australia, UK & Sri Lanka with a number of world-class and inspiring teachers.I am completely fascinated by the body and the wisdom it holds - at a biomechanical, energetic and subtle level - and believe that yoga and pilates are frameworks that help us to understand and connect to that wisdom, on all of those levels. Given the undeniable truth that each body is unique, when I am reading bodies in the room, I hold the understanding that movement is a subjective & personal experience, and there can be no ‘one size fits all’ method. The truth of my students practice is their own individual experience. 
  • 200hr Traditional Hatha Yoga
    Om Shanti Om, Rishikesh, India 
  • 50hr 'Finding Grace' Dena Kinsberg
  • L3 Qualified Pilates Instructor
  • 50hr 'the Subtle Practice' Rose Baudin
  • 50hr Applied Anatomy & Assists
  • 50hr Reform Flow
  • 100hr AWAKE

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What people say 

Tayler is the most delightful yoga teacher!! I have never kept up with classes as much or enjoyed a class more. She has a beautiful soft voice which eases you into relaxing yet challenging positions. I always feel fabulous and like I’ve achieved something after a session. Definitely fab for beginners and seasoned yogis alike.
Georgia Parker
Tayler is a totally natural and passionate yoga teacher and lives and breathes the practice herself. She is a compassionate teacher who always makes you feel at home and comfortable on the mat, whether you have been practicing yoga for years or are a complete beginner. If you’re looking for a well rounded and fantastic yoga experience, try Tayler’s classes ASAP!
Alison Davies
Tayler's yoga classes are really wonderful, she has a lovely teaching style, spiritual and inspiring, you leave feeling calm but energised and the setting is so special. I can’t recommend highly enough!
Andrea  Moore
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