Thania Tympanari

Vinyasa Flow | Yin | Restorative | Chair Yoga | Yoga Nidra | Kids Yoga | Meditation
I am an experienced Yoga Teacher, an Ayurvedic Consultant and a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist.I have been practising Yoga since 1998 and finished my Teacher Training with Lara Baumann in 2011. This training inspired my interest in Ayurveda and Ifinished my Ayurvedic Consultant Training in 2014.In 2017 I qualified in Thai Yoga Massage Therapy. I am currently studying a Masters Degree in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy.

I navigate this life feeling happy and content with what I have and where I am going. I practise with care, love and abundance. I try to stay away from patterns, forms and illusions of the mind.​Yoga is for everybody. I understood this the hard way.

For Journey into I will be creating unique Yoga classes for all abilities at any time of the day. I will also introduce 10-15min of meditation and some shorter physical classes for the times you need a shorter practice.I encourage you to explore your own physical and mental abilities and write your own stories on and off your yoga mats.
  • E RYT 200
  • 30hr Kids Yoga
  • 30hr Yin
  • 30hr Budokon Yoga
  • 40hr Nidra
  • 30hr Meditation

What's included in your subscription?

New class every week
Each week I publish a 30-60 minute audio or video  session.
A Variety of different themes and lengths
Access to my library of recorded audio and video classes. A selection of Restorative, Yoga Nidra meditation, Vinyasa Flow, and Chair and wall themed options to support and inspire your home practice.
Message Board
Let's keep in touch through the comments board. I love hearing feedback and getting requests for what I should record next!

What people say 

Thania's classes are BY FAR the most profound ones I have experienced. The level in which she takes you through each stage is great. I really feel energized and relaxed at the same time with each yoga session. 
Sarah C.
I really enjoy Thania's classes. She is friendly, instructive and passionate about good practice of yoga.
She treats everyone in the class as individuals and gives options of poses for different levels while explain it all in detail.
Helen T.
Thania's classes provide a calm sanctuary of nurturing breathing space from life. The rhythm and poses always left me feeling relieved and invigorated.
Mary M